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Refer a business, that is looking for a small business loan, to us and get paid 1.5% of the amount of that loan issued!  Loans issued usually range from about $10k – $300k.

Business criteria:

1.  The business must be located in the United States.

Generally the business:

2.  should be at least 1 year old (construction companies – at least 2 years old)

3.  should gross $100k annually in revenue

4.  should not be related to the following industries: finance, insurance, or real estate

Just refer businesses to us using your referral link and get paid!

Some of our business loans are no personal guarantee loans, revenue based loans, and non-restrictive loans!

When you sign up below you will see two pages:

Page 1 will look like the image below.  Fill in your information, create a username and password, but do not have them be related to you.  For instance, if you chose your first name as your username, your first name may show up in your referral link, which is something you may not want to do.  Instead, it is suggested that you come up with a combination of letters and/or numbers, or “funding” related, and don’t forget to save them so you can log in later to either retrieve your link again or check your stats. Your B**** MEMBER ID is your first initial and last name (ex: John Doe’s B**** MEMBER ID is jdoe):

Page 2 will look like the next image below.  First, click on “link generators” on the left hand side.  Then, copy the second link (under “my tracking link”) to somewhere safe and accessible.   This will be the link that you give to businesses that are looking for business loans and meet the criteria above.  You must use the link below to sign up or risk not being paid or having your referrals not being tracked to you.  Do not use the other link as it will not track your referral commissions.  That’s it!  Now it’s time to start making some extra money!

** Again, always use the “tk_go**********” link to give to businesses to get paid NOT the “tk_affiliate” link, which is a dead link.

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***  IMPORTANT:  Do NOT answer any questions about the possible loan, terms, etc.  You do not want to be liable for any misinformation given.These are answers that the business owners/customers will get directly from the lender.  Simply state that you are merely referring them to the lender and once they fill out the one page form (where they do not have to provide personal information) they will be contacted immediately by email and then within about 24-48 hours depending on what time of day and week it is.  That is when they will get all of their questions answered.

After you fill out the short one page form (a copy of the form is in the first image above) you will automatically get an email with instructions on how to get paid and there will be an email address provided for any other questions you may have as well.

Good luck and go make some money!

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To get affiliate tips please fill in your name and email below and confirm your email when you get the email message to do so.  This part is optional, but can be helpful with your success.