Loan Lead Generators (Bank Managers, Lenders & Accountants)


This is actually simple and straightforward.  We work with several bankers and accounting professionals, and while I don’t know what you do with loans that fall to the floor (bankers) or with business clients that need financing (accountants), I think you and I can really help business owners that are looking for funding.  So while a bank may be out of reach for them currently, I would like you to consider sending them to a secondary lender for which I am an agent.

We can issue factor-based, no-doc business loans of up to $250,000. The business should be at least a year old, with the exception of construction companies which must be at least 2 years old.  They should generate at least $100k in gross revenue annually, and must be located in the United States. Also, the business cannot have open or undercharged bankruptcies or be related to finance, insurance or real estate.

The lender will pay you 1.5% of the loan amount issued and interest rates are typically lower than competitive factor-based loans of this type, with terms being in the business owner’s favor.

This is a win-win.  The business owner gets a loan he or she might not have been able to, you get paid 1.5% of the loan amount, and we report the loan to D&B, thereby strengthening them to potentially get a loan with your bank in the future (if you are a banker).

I understand the sensitivity of this message; therefore all I will provide to you is the link to subscribe with the lender where you will receive a hyperlink to provide to the business owner to complete a free, one page application.  No personal information is even asked on that form.

Once the business owner applies for the loan, you will receive an email alert that a loan form was completed together with a list of the applicants in our protected member area to which only you would have access to monitor the status of each applicant.

Below is your link and even if currently you are not interested to join our group, I encourage you to first register anyway and tour our member area.  If you are so inclined to sign up, your “B**** Member ID” is: your first initial and your last name.  So for example, John Doe’s “B**** Member ID” is “jdoe”.  You will fill in the information as shown in the image below and we encourage you to not use your name as your username.  Choose a random combination of letters and numbers that you can remember, or something pertaining to funding, instead for your username.

Once you complete that form you will receive an email (therefore we recommend that you use a private email account).



After you register you will receive an email from Mr. Kane that will provide you with a link to the member area where you can monitor all your customer’s activities.  Once you access the member area, on the left menu section you will find a tab titled “LINK GENERATOR” which is where you go to obtain your link to provide the business owner (as shown in the image below).  There are two links:  One titled “tk_go***********” and the other “Affiliate”.  It is important to note that the (top link) titled Affiliate is a dead link and providing that link will result in you not to be compensated.  Therefore, be sure to always use the link titled “tk_go**********” because that is how your efforts will be tracked for your compensation.



CLICK HERE to sign up, to take a look at the member area, and to learn more about the lender (no cost).

If you have any questions for me please email me at:  If you have any questions for the lender there is contact information in the email you receive immediately after signing up.

We wish you success with this program and being able to provide an additional resource to your current and prospective business customers.

CLICK HERE to sign up, to take a look at the member area, and to learn more about the lender (no cost).

If you are unable to click the link above, please copy and paste this URL:

Also, if you’d like to take a look at this short, 30 second YouTube video click here or copy and paste this URL:

Please remember, you are just referring business owners, which you cannot finance (if you are banker), or looking for business financing (if you are an accountant), to our lender by providing the business owner with your link.  Any and all questions the business owner may have about the loan/funding/financing will be answered by our lender.  You do not want to give out information that is not correct so simply give your link to the business owner and your job is done!  The lender will answer any questions and take over the process from there.  This is why this program is virtually no extra work for you.  Simply put: Bank Branch Managers just refer their declined loans and Accountants/CPA’s just refer business clients that could use a non-restrictive, revenue based business loan with no personal guarantee and get compensated for the referred loans issued.

Best of luck with you success!